Listening: to other people’s fireworks, again. The other primary school is having their display tonight, but it’s further away, so it’s quieter.

Reading: the final book of Mary Stewart’s Merlin trilogy. Still good, but of course I know it’s not going to end well…

Watching: more Australian noir. The review I read is luke-warm so we will see.

Making: still the shawl. I am getting close to running out of one of the colours, so when I do I shall declare it finished.

Feeling: definitely down, because of people’s stupidity.

Anticipating: Babybel’s adult birthday party tomorrow. Her birthday, and the children’s party is today, but the grown ups are invited tomorrow for a more peaceful celebration. Just hope there’s some cake left!


Listening: to other people’s fireworks. There’s a primary school just down the road and they seem to be having a good display.

Reading: Ben Aaronovitch’s ‘Rivers of London’. Described on the jacket as ‘what would happen if Harry Potter grew up and joined the fuzz’. In other words, a bit odd. Not sure I’ll bother with the next in the series. 

Watching: there’s cycling on, later. Need I say more?

Making: still the shawl. When I checked the pattern to see how long it is meant to be, I realised I only had the first page of the pattern (binned the rest of the print out), which had that important information on it. Wensleydale’s advice was to knit till the wool ran out, which was I did with the mega gloves, but if I do that with the shawl it will become a small blanket. 

Feeling: still up and down, but I make myself get working and hope it will lead somewhere.

Loving: that I am feeling more positive about the autumn than I usually do. (I hate the darkness.)

Anticipating: two days of cycling.

Listening: to Radio 3’s ‘River of Music’. An interesting idea but a bit of a curate’s egg.
Re-reading: book 2 (‘The Hollow Hills’) of Mary Stewart’s Merlin trilogy. It’s years since I read it and I’d forgotten how good it is. An underestimated writer, I think.

Watching: I might, later on, have a look at the online material associated with the river of music, in the absence of anything on TV. (No, not a ‘Poldark’ fan.)

Making: about a quarter of the way up my shawl. Plus trying out lots of little mark making samples, mostly in running stitch. I’ve been reading Helen Parrott and Claire Walmsley-Smith, and one of them – not sure which – mentions committing herself to only work in running stitch for a year. It seems a bit drastic, but I can understand the appeal. Their two books – ‘Mark Making’ and ‘Slow Stitch’ – are very inspiring, and liberating.

Feeling: slightly more inspired. My friend C was very supportive of the idea of just making little samples and following where it takes me – so I will.

Loving: having had most of the week off – but…

Anticipating: seeing the little guys again on Thursday.


Listening: to the clock ticking. It’s actually battery powered but as it’s a fake Charles Rennie Macintosh clock, it has a pendulum and a tick. 
Re-reading: ‘Mark Making in Textile Art’ by Helen Parrott. So inspiring when you are feeling uninspired.

Watching: later tonight, ‘The Code’ on BBC4, which for once is Aussie not Scandi Noir. We watched the first series and it was seriously scary.

Making: due to lack of inspiration in strange knitting, an  unstrange shawl from someone else’s pattern. See below, which is very similar to last week.

Feeling: lacking in inspiration. I have definite given up on the masks, and I’m unexcited by the current 3D knitting. I’ve decided to go back to embroidery and try a little mark making.

Loving: that family life seems to have settled down even more. Long may it last.

Anticipating: half term week. There will be a rearrangement of our usual timetable, so we should get a day off from grandparenting, which will be spent sorting out our banking arrangements and buying Babybel’s birthday present.


Listening: to the sound of silence. Not the Simon and Garfunkel song, the real thing.
Reading: I’ve just finished Lissa Evans’ ‘Crooked Heart’. Very different to ‘Spencer’s List’ which I read a while ago, but equally enjoyable. 

Watching: cycling, of course. Go Cav!

Making: another SKO (strange knitted object). I finished off the tail end of some cotton slub by knitting a flat disc (well, flat in theory, it’s fluted in fact) with a border of the tail end of some wire. I read somewhere that I should expect at leat 30% of what I maketo be failures. This is one of the 30%.

Feeling: lacking in inspiration. I have definite given up on the masks, I’m unexcited by the knitting, but I have no idea where to go next.

Loving: that family life seems to have settled down a bit. Long may it last.

Anticipating: tomorrow’s World Road Cycling Championships men’s race. Go Cav!


Listening: to choral evensong on Radio 3. Not because I’m religious, but because I love the music. Mostly.

Reading: Pat Barker’s ‘Toby’s Room’. From which you may gather that my emotional strength has improved somewhat. So far we’ve had incest and death, so it is as demanding as I expected.

Watching: not a lot. BBC4 seems to be fixated on uninteresting repeats, and music, which I prefer to listen to, not watch. Things may get better, though – see ‘Anticipating’ below.

Making: back to knitted vessels – a suite of three, based on stitch patterns from ‘Sequence Knitting’ – which I bought sight unseen, and probably wouldn’t have bought if I had seen it. It’s a good idea explored in very great depth, which is great if that’s what you are looking for. 

Feeling: more positive than I have for a while.

Loving: our new ‘pot’ which we collected from Walford Mill on Friday. Except it’s not pot, it’s papier-mâché by Magie Hollingsworth, which has inspired me to have another go. 

Anticipating: the World Road Cycling Championships, starting on the BBC on Tuesday. (Earlier on Eurosport, which we don’t have.) Go Cav


Listening: as usual, to silence, the clock ticking and W. turning pages.

Reading: I’ve just finished Pat Barker’s ‘Life Room’. I’ve never read a bad Pat Barker, but you do need a lot of emotional strength to read them, which I don’t have at the moment. So I shall wait a while before tackling the second in the trilogy, ‘Toby’s Room’. I read the third, ‘Noonday’ a while ago, because I bought it not realising there were two previous novels, but fortunately I’ve forgotten quite a lot of what happened in it, so it didn’t really spoil the first.

Watching: ‘Beck’ is back. 

Making: knitted wire earrings, which I will probably never wear. So why make them? Partly because the latest 365 prompt is about ears, partly because I’m experimenting with knitting wire. For once, I used someone else’s pattern, from Knitty. My verdict? Nothing wrong with the pattern, a lot wrong with the knitter, and wire is not easy to unpick. 

Feeling: rueful.

Loving: still Radio 3‘s 70th anniversary party for itself. 

Anticipating: lots of cake at a Macmillan coffee morning tomorrow


Listening: as usual, to silence, broken by our neighbour chopping logs.

Reading: I’ve just finished Harry Bingham’s ‘Talking to the Dead’. Weird, not really credible, but hard to put down.

Watching: no ‘Beck’ this week, but we have meteorites tonight and the history of railways later in the week. Yes, we have odd tastes in TV (and music).

Making: playing around with 3D, including papier-mâché and cable ties (not in the same piece). And, after a trip to an exhibition of masks and puppets at the Russell-Cotes in Bournemouth, masks are back on the agenda. Probably.Feeling: a little more cheerful about the two things l’ve had on my mind recently- we’ve done what we can to move forward with one, and the other may have resolved itself. Of course the garage from which we bought the car going bankrupt has been a bit worrying (have we still got 5 years free servicing, as promised?) but we can cope with that.

Loving: Radio 3‘s 70th anniversary party for itself. Lots of interesting music, and the promise of ‘Under Milk Wood’ to come

Anticipating: cheering Babybel home after a 2km run tomorrow – and her mum and dad from their slightly longer ones.


Listening: as usual, to silence – or near silence. The clock is ticking and W. occasionally turns a page.

Reading: Jean Draper’s Stitch and Structure’. I’ve had it for ages but I don’t remember reading it! Stupid, because I’m finding it very inspirational.

Watching: Last week – nothing but ‘Beck’. There’s another on tonight, much to my surprise as they seem to be killing off the cast on a weekly basis – last week it was the lovely Gunnwald, whom I will miss. But see ‘Anticipating’ below.

Making: I’m at a crossroads – I’ve decided that the masks and the hands/gloves aren’t going anywhere, so where am I going? I still want to work in 3D, although I’m not sure how – hence the interest in ‘Stitch and Structure’. And some experimental wire knitting.

Feeling: tired – my insomnia is back with a bang, plus we had an incredible thunderstorm on the one night I was sleeping well. 

Loving: the grands’ successful start back to school and stage school. Yes, they are stage school brats. 

Anticipating: three TV programmes to watch which aren’t Scandi noir! BBC4 has three programmes on 20th century art movements. If there was no BBC4 we’d never watch TV. Apart from the cycling, of course.