Listening: as usual, to silence, broken by our neighbour chopping logs.

Reading: I’ve just finished Harry Bingham’s ‘Talking to the Dead’. Weird, not really credible, but hard to put down.

Watching: no ‘Beck’ this week, but we have meteorites tonight and the history of railways later in the week. Yes, we have odd tastes in TV (and music).

Making: playing around with 3D, including papier-mâché and cable ties (not in the same piece). And, after a trip to an exhibition of masks and puppets at the Russell-Cotes in Bournemouth, masks are back on the agenda. Probably.Feeling: a little more cheerful about the two things l’ve had on my mind recently- we’ve done what we can to move forward with one, and the other may have resolved itself. Of course the garage from which we bought the car going bankrupt has been a bit worrying (have we still got 5 years free servicing, as promised?) but we can cope with that.

Loving: Radio 3‘s 70th anniversary party for itself. Lots of interesting music, and the promise of ‘Under Milk Wood’ to come

Anticipating: cheering Babybel home after a 2km run tomorrow – and her mum and dad from their slightly longer ones.


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