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Listening – ‘In Tune’ on Radio 3, my constant companion, and

Anticipating – Verdi’s Requiem later tonight. 

Reading – ‘The Button Box’ by Lynne Knight. Social history triggered by buttons, and very informative. Who knew Amy Johnson flew off to Cape Town wearing Schiaparelli?

Watching – nothing so far this week, too much >>,]~}*,]+}~^><>*%€}{]$? football. (Amused about Iceland, though.)

Making – these, in response to a Make Something Every Day prompt. The bottles are temporary. Some stitch will added when I’ve finished writing this.

Loving – the Spritzer Wensleydale just brought me.

Feeling –  better than I did on Friday, but still worried about the future.

The apps for the image at the top of the page were Diptic, Autopainter, Fragment and Tangled FX.

Nine x Two

Circles again.

I took a photo of some plates, to show someone what they looked like, and ended up with an odd visual illusion. To me it looked as if the top plate was inverted, although my husband didn’t see it that way.

Anyway, I played around with the image in Photos, Aerograph, Colourthief and Diana, and here are the results. The original is in the centre.

More variations on a theme -and more circles.

This is also a response to a prompt in ‘Make Something Every Day’. I haven’t stuck rigidly to the prompts: when they suggest something I’ve done before, I try to vary it. So a prompt about making a stamp led to revisiting polystyrene plate printing, which I’ve not done very often. I varied it even more by cutting segments out of the polystyrene before marking it, and inking each segment separately.

Then I tried using the segments on their own.

And then I scanned the results and played with them in an app – which I think was SuperPhoto. Or maybe not.