Listening: to my usual early evening silence – apart from the clock, and Wensleydale turning the pages of his book.

Reading: ‘Deaf Sentence’ by David Lodge. This book contains the best description of what it is like to have acquired deafness I have ever read. And that’s not just because it’s the only description of what it is like to have acquired deafness I have ever read. Fortunately, my deafness doesn’t affect me as badly as the protagonist of Lodge’s book, but I share his frustration with noisy environments and endless battery changes.

Watching: not much. The only things we have watched this week are the Vuelta and ‘Full Steam Ahead’. Oh, and CBeebies, of course.

Making: The second experimental cabled structure (no bobbles or holes this time) has been finished, and also turned out well. I’ve moved on to mohair – it was going to have string stripes – luminous pink string stripes – and be in an Alvar Aalto vase shape, but it wasn’t working. Now it’s going to have woven ladders – possibly woven with pink string- and be tear shaped. Maybe.

Loving: having a 3 day weekend. We will not be going anywhere – except shopping on Monday – but I shall be playing with textiles, paper and paint every day.

Feeling: more cheerful than I did last week – although ‘resigned’ might be a better word. 

Anticipating: the start of the Tour of Britain next weekend. My life is measured out in bike races, as well as coffee spoons.


Listening: to the rhythm of the falling rain.

Reading: ‘Knitting  for Anarchists’ by Anita Zilboorg. I’ve only just started reading it and so far I’m in two minds about – in general I’m in favour of books which tell you that you don’t have to follow the rules, but sometimes such books irritate me – not sure whether this one will yet.

Watching: not much. The Rio cycling is over, looking forward to the Vuelta.

Making: I’ve just finished an experimental structure with holes, bobbles, and cables, which worked better than expected, so I shall be starting  another one. (It may seem odd to make something I don’t expect to work, but I like to challenge my preconceptions.)

Loving: having someone with whom I can share my feelings.

Feeling: depressed – hence the need for someone supportive. We have had some bad news – not unexpected, not life threatening, but life changing and very sad.

Anticipating: the VHC’s 5th birthday on Sunday, which should cheer us up a bit.


Listening: to the clock ticking and the faint whistle of my tinnitus.
Reading: ‘Zulu Hart’ by Saul David. It’s a novel which I picked up in a charity shop, because I have enjoyed David’s TV programmes on military history. Unfortunately I’m finding the book less enjoyable – I’m sure the history is accurate, but I find the writing a little clumsy, and the hero unappealing – not up to Bernard Cornwell’s standard, I’m afraid. (Although the Sharpe books do have the advantage of bringing mental images of Sean Bean to the mind’s eye.)
Watching: cycling from Rio. I’m even more addicted to track cycling than road cycling. 

Making: another experimental structure. A wool base, as usual, with stripes made by casting off in a cotton bouclĂ©, then picking up the stitches of the previous row and continuing in wool. If it sounds fiddly, it’s because it is.

Loving: a day off after a full week of grandparenting- which was fun, but exhausting.

Feeling: relaxed. See ‘Loving’.

Anticipating: the women’s pursuit tonight, which has to be my favourite discipline. Apart from the women’s omnium. And the men’s pursuit. And the men’s omnium, this year. (Also anticipating that autocorrect will learn that when I type ‘omnium’, I don’t mean ‘omnibus’, which is something completely different.)


Listening: Radio3, The NYO, Edward Gardiner, Holst, The Planets. Got to be good.

Reading: Just finished Edmund de Waal, pondering on what next, apart from the plethora of knitting books by which I am surrounded.

Watching: Cycling from Rio. Are you surprised? 

Making: Yet another strange knitted object. This time it’s a long strip comprising all the unlabelled yarn I found that might be included in more structured strange knitted objects, but I need to know if it shrinks. (It also includes some paper yarn.) So I am knitting a sampler and will see what happens when I wash it. Especially the paper yarn. Could be interesting. Or messy.

Loving: Having a quiet day before Monday, when we resume grandparenting.

Feeling: pleased that my gloves are on show at The Space Gallery in Bognor Regis and looked good there. Thanks to Marie Paul for inviting me to participate.

Anticipating: see ‘Loving’!