Listening: to the rhythm of the falling rain.

Reading: ‘Knitting  for Anarchists’ by Anita Zilboorg. I’ve only just started reading it and so far I’m in two minds about – in general I’m in favour of books which tell you that you don’t have to follow the rules, but sometimes such books irritate me – not sure whether this one will yet.

Watching: not much. The Rio cycling is over, looking forward to the Vuelta.

Making: I’ve just finished an experimental structure with holes, bobbles, and cables, which worked better than expected, so I shall be starting  another one. (It may seem odd to make something I don’t expect to work, but I like to challenge my preconceptions.)

Loving: having someone with whom I can share my feelings.

Feeling: depressed – hence the need for someone supportive. We have had some bad news – not unexpected, not life threatening, but life changing and very sad.

Anticipating: the VHC’s 5th birthday on Sunday, which should cheer us up a bit.


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