Listening: to the clock ticking and the faint whistle of my tinnitus.
Reading: ‘Zulu Hart’ by Saul David. It’s a novel which I picked up in a charity shop, because I have enjoyed David’s TV programmes on military history. Unfortunately I’m finding the book less enjoyable – I’m sure the history is accurate, but I find the writing a little clumsy, and the hero unappealing – not up to Bernard Cornwell’s standard, I’m afraid. (Although the Sharpe books do have the advantage of bringing mental images of Sean Bean to the mind’s eye.)
Watching: cycling from Rio. I’m even more addicted to track cycling than road cycling. 

Making: another experimental structure. A wool base, as usual, with stripes made by casting off in a cotton bouclé, then picking up the stitches of the previous row and continuing in wool. If it sounds fiddly, it’s because it is.

Loving: a day off after a full week of grandparenting- which was fun, but exhausting.

Feeling: relaxed. See ‘Loving’.

Anticipating: the women’s pursuit tonight, which has to be my favourite discipline. Apart from the women’s omnium. And the men’s pursuit. And the men’s omnium, this year. (Also anticipating that autocorrect will learn that when I type ‘omnium’, I don’t mean ‘omnibus’, which is something completely different.)


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