Listening: Radio3, The NYO, Edward Gardiner, Holst, The Planets. Got to be good.

Reading: Just finished Edmund de Waal, pondering on what next, apart from the plethora of knitting books by which I am surrounded.

Watching: Cycling from Rio. Are you surprised? 

Making: Yet another strange knitted object. This time it’s a long strip comprising all the unlabelled yarn I found that might be included in more structured strange knitted objects, but I need to know if it shrinks. (It also includes some paper yarn.) So I am knitting a sampler and will see what happens when I wash it. Especially the paper yarn. Could be interesting. Or messy.

Loving: Having a quiet day before Monday, when we resume grandparenting.

Feeling: pleased that my gloves are on show at The Space Gallery in Bognor Regis and looked good there. Thanks to Marie Paul for inviting me to participate.

Anticipating: see ‘Loving’!


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