Listening: to the rain. The forecast was for anything up to 40mm over 4 hours, and it’s doing its best to live up to expectations.
Reading: ‘Masks: the Art of Expression’ edited by John Mack. I’ve been experimenting with making masks – the one above was made for MSED, and I enjoyed the process, and want to make more. I went shopping on insomniac night (always a bad time to go shopping) and ordered the book, from ABE books, for the extortionate sum of £2.80. At that price I thought it would be quite small. It isn’t, and it has good illustrations, which is what I wanted.
Watching: our TV viewing currently is limited to cycling and Scandinavia drama. 

Making: apart from masks – and that is mostly sketchbook explorations – I’m still knitting. Last week’s mohair is languishing, waiting for me to find something to weave into it, the subsequent cotton + mohair glove has been washed (not felted, for once) and is drying, and another cotton +something to be decided at a later date glove is underway. 

Loving: another quiet weekend – apart from the rain. 

Feeling: cold. It is definitely Autumn.

Anticipating: the grands going back to school next week. We had a lovely summer together, but it’s been tiring, so we’re looking forward to having free time in the middle of our grandparenting days, while they’re in school.



Listening – ‘In Tune’ on Radio 3, my constant companion, and

Anticipating – Verdi’s Requiem later tonight. 

Reading – ‘The Button Box’ by Lynne Knight. Social history triggered by buttons, and very informative. Who knew Amy Johnson flew off to Cape Town wearing Schiaparelli?

Watching – nothing so far this week, too much >>,]~}*,]+}~^><>*%€}{]$? football. (Amused about Iceland, though.)

Making – these, in response to a Make Something Every Day prompt. The bottles are temporary. Some stitch will added when I’ve finished writing this.

Loving – the Spritzer Wensleydale just brought me.

Feeling –  better than I did on Friday, but still worried about the future.

The apps for the image at the top of the page were Diptic, Autopainter, Fragment and Tangled FX.

More variations on a theme -and more circles.

This is also a response to a prompt in ‘Make Something Every Day’. I haven’t stuck rigidly to the prompts: when they suggest something I’ve done before, I try to vary it. So a prompt about making a stamp led to revisiting polystyrene plate printing, which I’ve not done very often. I varied it even more by cutting segments out of the polystyrene before marking it, and inking each segment separately.

Then I tried using the segments on their own.

And then I scanned the results and played with them in an app – which I think was SuperPhoto. Or maybe not.