Today’s photo.


Listening: to Radio 3’s ‘River of Music’. An interesting idea but a bit of a curate’s egg.
Re-reading: book 2 (‘The Hollow Hills’) of Mary Stewart’s Merlin trilogy. It’s years since I read it and I’d forgotten how good it is. An underestimated writer, I think.

Watching: I might, later on, have a look at the online material associated with the river of music, in the absence of anything on TV. (No, not a ‘Poldark’ fan.)

Making: about a quarter of the way up my shawl. Plus trying out lots of little mark making samples, mostly in running stitch. I’ve been reading Helen Parrott and Claire Walmsley-Smith, and one of them – not sure which – mentions committing herself to only work in running stitch for a year. It seems a bit drastic, but I can understand the appeal. Their two books – ‘Mark Making’ and ‘Slow Stitch’ – are very inspiring, and liberating.

Feeling: slightly more inspired. My friend C was very supportive of the idea of just making little samples and following where it takes me – so I will.

Loving: having had most of the week off – but…

Anticipating: seeing the little guys again on Thursday.