Listening: as usual, to silence, broken by our neighbour chopping logs.

Reading: I’ve just finished Harry Bingham’s ‘Talking to the Dead’. Weird, not really credible, but hard to put down.

Watching: no ‘Beck’ this week, but we have meteorites tonight and the history of railways later in the week. Yes, we have odd tastes in TV (and music).

Making: playing around with 3D, including papier-mâché and cable ties (not in the same piece). And, after a trip to an exhibition of masks and puppets at the Russell-Cotes in Bournemouth, masks are back on the agenda. Probably.Feeling: a little more cheerful about the two things l’ve had on my mind recently- we’ve done what we can to move forward with one, and the other may have resolved itself. Of course the garage from which we bought the car going bankrupt has been a bit worrying (have we still got 5 years free servicing, as promised?) but we can cope with that.

Loving: Radio 3‘s 70th anniversary party for itself. Lots of interesting music, and the promise of ‘Under Milk Wood’ to come

Anticipating: cheering Babybel home after a 2km run tomorrow – and her mum and dad from their slightly longer ones.



Listening: as usual, to silence – or near silence. The clock is ticking and W. occasionally turns a page.

Reading: Jean Draper’s Stitch and Structure’. I’ve had it for ages but I don’t remember reading it! Stupid, because I’m finding it very inspirational.

Watching: Last week – nothing but ‘Beck’. There’s another on tonight, much to my surprise as they seem to be killing off the cast on a weekly basis – last week it was the lovely Gunnwald, whom I will miss. But see ‘Anticipating’ below.

Making: I’m at a crossroads – I’ve decided that the masks and the hands/gloves aren’t going anywhere, so where am I going? I still want to work in 3D, although I’m not sure how – hence the interest in ‘Stitch and Structure’. And some experimental wire knitting.

Feeling: tired – my insomnia is back with a bang, plus we had an incredible thunderstorm on the one night I was sleeping well. 

Loving: the grands’ successful start back to school and stage school. Yes, they are stage school brats. 

Anticipating: three TV programmes to watch which aren’t Scandi noir! BBC4 has three programmes on 20th century art movements. If there was no BBC4 we’d never watch TV. Apart from the cycling, of course.


Listening: as usual, to silence. A moment of calm in a busy day.

Reading: Jo Nesbo, ‘The Son’. Some of the noirest Scandi noir I’ve read. Ever thought you could feel sympathy for a mass murderer? Me neither, until now.

Watching: just like last week, our TV viewing currently is limited to cycling and Scandinavian drama. That will change next week, when it will probably be limited to Scandinavian drama alone.

Making: still masks, still knitting. 

Loving: Steve Cummings’ success in the Tour of Britain – and hoping he can hang on tomorrow.

Feeling: tired, after two insomniac nights on the trot.

Anticipating: a busy day tomorrow, looking after granddaughter so she can go to a party rather than to Legoland. No, I wouldn’t either, but I’m not 8.


Listening: to the rain. The forecast was for anything up to 40mm over 4 hours, and it’s doing its best to live up to expectations.
Reading: ‘Masks: the Art of Expression’ edited by John Mack. I’ve been experimenting with making masks – the one above was made for MSED, and I enjoyed the process, and want to make more. I went shopping on insomniac night (always a bad time to go shopping) and ordered the book, from ABE books, for the extortionate sum of £2.80. At that price I thought it would be quite small. It isn’t, and it has good illustrations, which is what I wanted.
Watching: our TV viewing currently is limited to cycling and Scandinavia drama. 

Making: apart from masks – and that is mostly sketchbook explorations – I’m still knitting. Last week’s mohair is languishing, waiting for me to find something to weave into it, the subsequent cotton + mohair glove has been washed (not felted, for once) and is drying, and another cotton +something to be decided at a later date glove is underway. 

Loving: another quiet weekend – apart from the rain. 

Feeling: cold. It is definitely Autumn.

Anticipating: the grands going back to school next week. We had a lovely summer together, but it’s been tiring, so we’re looking forward to having free time in the middle of our grandparenting days, while they’re in school.