Listening: as usual, to silence – or near silence. The clock is ticking and W. occasionally turns a page.

Reading: Jean Draper’s Stitch and Structure’. I’ve had it for ages but I don’t remember reading it! Stupid, because I’m finding it very inspirational.

Watching: Last week – nothing but ‘Beck’. There’s another on tonight, much to my surprise as they seem to be killing off the cast on a weekly basis – last week it was the lovely Gunnwald, whom I will miss. But see ‘Anticipating’ below.

Making: I’m at a crossroads – I’ve decided that the masks and the hands/gloves aren’t going anywhere, so where am I going? I still want to work in 3D, although I’m not sure how – hence the interest in ‘Stitch and Structure’. And some experimental wire knitting.

Feeling: tired – my insomnia is back with a bang, plus we had an incredible thunderstorm on the one night I was sleeping well. 

Loving: the grands’ successful start back to school and stage school. Yes, they are stage school brats. 

Anticipating: three TV programmes to watch which aren’t Scandi noir! BBC4 has three programmes on 20th century art movements. If there was no BBC4 we’d never watch TV. Apart from the cycling, of course.


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