Listening: as usual, to silence, the clock ticking and W. turning pages.

Reading: I’ve just finished Pat Barker’s ‘Life Room’. I’ve never read a bad Pat Barker, but you do need a lot of emotional strength to read them, which I don’t have at the moment. So I shall wait a while before tackling the second in the trilogy, ‘Toby’s Room’. I read the third, ‘Noonday’ a while ago, because I bought it not realising there were two previous novels, but fortunately I’ve forgotten quite a lot of what happened in it, so it didn’t really spoil the first.

Watching: ‘Beck’ is back. 

Making: knitted wire earrings, which I will probably never wear. So why make them? Partly because the latest 365 prompt is about ears, partly because I’m experimenting with knitting wire. For once, I used someone else’s pattern, from Knitty. My verdict? Nothing wrong with the pattern, a lot wrong with the knitter, and wire is not easy to unpick. 

Feeling: rueful.

Loving: still Radio 3‘s 70th anniversary party for itself. 

Anticipating: lots of cake at a Macmillan coffee morning tomorrow


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