Listening: to choral evensong on Radio 3. Not because I’m religious, but because I love the music. Mostly.

Reading: Pat Barker’s ‘Toby’s Room’. From which you may gather that my emotional strength has improved somewhat. So far we’ve had incest and death, so it is as demanding as I expected.

Watching: not a lot. BBC4 seems to be fixated on uninteresting repeats, and music, which I prefer to listen to, not watch. Things may get better, though – see ‘Anticipating’ below.

Making: back to knitted vessels – a suite of three, based on stitch patterns from ‘Sequence Knitting’ – which I bought sight unseen, and probably wouldn’t have bought if I had seen it. It’s a good idea explored in very great depth, which is great if that’s what you are looking for. 

Feeling: more positive than I have for a while.

Loving: our new ‘pot’ which we collected from Walford Mill on Friday. Except it’s not pot, it’s papier-mâché by Magie Hollingsworth, which has inspired me to have another go. 

Anticipating: the World Road Cycling Championships, starting on the BBC on Tuesday. (Earlier on Eurosport, which we don’t have.) Go Cav


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