Listening: to the clock ticking. It’s actually battery powered but as it’s a fake Charles Rennie Macintosh clock, it has a pendulum and a tick. 
Re-reading: ‘Mark Making in Textile Art’ by Helen Parrott. So inspiring when you are feeling uninspired.

Watching: later tonight, ‘The Code’ on BBC4, which for once is Aussie not Scandi Noir. We watched the first series and it was seriously scary.

Making: due to lack of inspiration in strange knitting, an  unstrange shawl from someone else’s pattern. See below, which is very similar to last week.

Feeling: lacking in inspiration. I have definite given up on the masks, and I’m unexcited by the current 3D knitting. I’ve decided to go back to embroidery and try a little mark making.

Loving: that family life seems to have settled down even more. Long may it last.

Anticipating: half term week. There will be a rearrangement of our usual timetable, so we should get a day off from grandparenting, which will be spent sorting out our banking arrangements and buying Babybel’s birthday present.


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