Listening: to the sound of silence. Not the Simon and Garfunkel song, the real thing.
Reading: I’ve just finished Lissa Evans’ ‘Crooked Heart’. Very different to ‘Spencer’s List’ which I read a while ago, but equally enjoyable. 

Watching: cycling, of course. Go Cav!

Making: another SKO (strange knitted object). I finished off the tail end of some cotton slub by knitting a flat disc (well, flat in theory, it’s fluted in fact) with a border of the tail end of some wire. I read somewhere that I should expect at leat 30% of what I maketo be failures. This is one of the 30%.

Feeling: lacking in inspiration. I have definite given up on the masks, I’m unexcited by the knitting, but I have no idea where to go next.

Loving: that family life seems to have settled down a bit. Long may it last.

Anticipating: tomorrow’s World Road Cycling Championships men’s race. Go Cav!


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