Listening: to Elizabethan madrigals on Radio 3. Bliss. (Yes, I’m weird.)

Reading: alternating between ‘On the Road Bike’ by Ned Boulting, and Edmund de Waal’s ‘The White Road’. 

 The former is fun, though not quite as good as others of Boulting’s that I’ve read. (’How I Won the Yellow Jumper’ and ‘101 Damnations’.) it’s about people I find less interesting, and there are fewer jokes, so far.

The latter is a love poem to porcelain, which needs to be read in small gobbets to fully appreciate. Good to find that de Waal shares my view of 18th century porcelain, which he describes as ‘passive-aggressive’! I remember walking through a museum – possibly the Bowes? – which had room after room of the stuff, and feeling ashamed that I found it boring. I know that I would not find large numbers of De Waal pots boring, even though they are so plain. Plain, but subtle.

Watching: Ride London Classique earlier today, Ride London Surrey tomorrow. 

Making: another experimental vessel. Will felting and knitted lace work? Watch this space.

Loving. A newly bought CD by Alex Mendham and his Orchestra, first heard on (you guessed it) Radio 3. It’s 20’s and 30’s music played by a modern band and it’s great. (Told you I was weird.)

Feeling: relaxed after a hectic week. Two spritzers have helped.

Anticipating: getting back to some arty stuff after a hectic week when I managed very little art stuff.

Planning: a bit more sampling.


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