Listening: to silence again. The clock is ticking, but apart from that, all is quiet.
Reading: still ‘Dowager Empress Cixi’. I’m reading it slowly, interspersed with lighter stuff, because it needs concentration. I’ve reached her death, and the appointment of a child successor, who will become ‘The Last Emperor’.
Watching: still Le Tour. Unfortunately Cav has gone, but it’s been a great tour for Brits.

Making: I’ve completed last week’s sample, except it’s turned into a finished piece, probably the first one since the degree show I’ve been (almost) satisfied with.

Loving: a visit from most of the family to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. Fun, but I’m glad now of the silence and a chance to recover!

Feeling: a little worried about a special CD I’ve misplaced – but as DH said, it must be in the house somewhere.

Anticipating: five days grandparenting next week – it will be fun but exhausting.

Planning: what to do with the left over food!.


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