Listening: Radio Three, Record Review. The sort of programme which can lead to the spending of money, though not today.

Anticipating: the start of the Proms on Friday.
Reading: Jung Chang’s ‘Empress Dowager Cixi’, a fascinating account of 19thC China. Everything that the recent Channel 4 documentary on another Chinese empress wasn’t – clear, well structured, academic, without frequent assertions that archaeologists were ‘amazed!’, and without the drawback on a talking head who looked like Mr Tumble.

Watching: Le Tour. Still. 
Loving: Dimension Data – and Britain’s – success in Le Tour. Four victories in 7 stages! And all in a good cause.
Feeling: happy about that, less happy about the state of the world elsewhere. See above.

Planning: a sampler of embroidery on knitting. To be felted later, of course.

Wondering: why I can’t persuade WordPress to space this the way I want to space it- or even consistently.


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